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This week I had a job interview and sent in a book proposal. While both of these are quiet productive, I then proceed to do nothing but wait for the rest of the week. 

I know I won't hear about the proposal for weeks or even months. In fact, it was only delivered this morning. I wish the USPS tracker continues past "Delivered".  Perhaps "They picked it up," or "they're opening it," could be arranged. 

I was hoping to hear about the job, however. In a perfect world, I could have been hired today and started Monday. That was I could put in my two weeks' notice at my other job tomorrow. Of course, since they haven't called me to tell me I got it, that also means they haven't told me I didn't get it. So there's a brightside. 

They say not to put all your eggs in one basket, so I've divided mine into two. Now it's time to go back to the drawboard and find other cliches for this paragraph. 

First, there's the return to searching Craigslist for a job and navigating the catch 22 of needing experience in the field to get hired without finding anyone to hire you without experience. 

Then there's resuming work on a book that I don't know will ever see the light of day. By the time I get an answer, I'll probably have it completed. But if this publisher isn't interested, how many more allow submissions? Another writer's catch 22 is that you need to get published to get an agent but need an agent to get published. 

And so I sit waiting.  Wondering. Hoping.  Kicking. Lamenting. Waiting.