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Apparently the point of having s blog is to update it. Who knew? 

I made this website to create and share said creations, but lately I've actually been working on a book. It's fun and exciting, but also doesn't provide any immediate source of income. 

Thus, if anyone knows anyone else who is looking for a content writer, script reader, copy editor or any other job where I don't have to interact with costumers, I would love to have it. 

Currently, my book is about half written and I'm working on the proposal to attempt to sell it to a publisher. After all this work, there's a very very high chance they'll reject it and I will have made no money for all my work. 

However, there is that small chance that they'll dig it and buy the book from me. But that money won't come in for a lonnnnggg time.  

Technically, I have a job. I only work there on weekends, and while I could go full time, I can't bring myself to do it. It's really beginning to hurt my soul. 

Anytime I go to work, I just feel anxious the whole day. I like the people I work with, but loathe customer interaction and I feel like running away anytime anyone approaches. 

I wonder a lot what makes me so special that I don't think I deserve to work at such a place. After all, it was my choice to drop out of college, so isn't this the consequence?  Surely there are worse jobs than mine, and plenty of people struggling worse than I am. So who am I to bitch and say I "can't handle" my real job and say I need to do something more creative?

I hate the sense of entitlement our generation has, and I feel like I am now part of the problem. Yes, I am a beautiful butterfly. 

So, anyway, how about that job, eh?