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This is the End

[The following essay can be heard in audio form on Episode 1 of The Something Clever Show, which can be downloaded here.]

It may seem strange for a podcast to start with these words. Especially one in a first episode.  But, if our friends in Semisonic have taught us anything, it’s that, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” And if they taught us 2 things, it’s that, “Every new beginning comes from some others beginnings end”. 

Endings can come about as our choice: quitting a job, moving, break ups.  Or endings can come about from things out of our control: getting fired, death, break ups.

In the case of my cohost Emily and I, our latest ending comes via the fickle television gods that have informed us our baby-faced services would no longer be required.

Granted, being an extra on a television show isn’t supposed to be a long term job, but after a few years, if starts to feel like home.  So when you learn there is no longer a place for you, it’s easy to slip on your graduation goggles (a term coined by How I Met Your Mother, which seems especially apt in this instance).  

You flash back through all the good memories you have of this job: getting paid to have a food fight, getting paid to make out with strangers, getting paid period.  And forgetting the less than exciting moment: wrapping at 4a on a Saturday morning, the feeling that you’re in a real high school and everything that comes with that, and, on this show, having to listen to the same crappy song over and over and over.  Times 10.

But, there is a silver lining, and you’re listening to it. Becoming comfortable where you are also means that you’re not forcing yourself to grow. Being stuck in a fake high school gives you the same false security of real high school: “I don’t have to worry about what I really want to do yet; that’s so far away”.

Well now it is time to focus on what I really want to do, and what I want to do is write, and, as it turns out, no one is going to hire me to do that just because they like the way I dress nerdy on the singing-gay-kids show.

This show is an outlet as well as a discipline; being both compelled to create and having  somewhere to release it, as well as forcing ourselves to do it even when we don’t feel like it.

And so, with that, we proudly introduce the ending of this essay and the beginning of the Something Clever Show.