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Podcasting with myself

Everyone has a podcast nowadays.  I had one for one whole episode over five years ago now.  It was about 25 minutes long, and all I really did was talk about what was happening at Disneyland.  Then I spent the rest of the time setting up segments I hoped would be recurring.  One of them requested the listeners to send in ideas that could be discussed on the show.  

Here's the problem with that: I, clearly, had zero listeners.  Even if I did, getting them to take the leap from passively listening to actively participating is ballsy to say the least.  I mean, think about the percentage of people who listen to a radio show compared to the number who call.

The hardest part of starting a podcast or a website or anything for that matter is pretending to have an audience when you clearly don't.  Sure you can have your 5 friends listen and then post it on your Facebook so your LA acquaintances can all be jealous of your new found career as podcaster, but that's it.  

Of course, after a few episodes of being excited to embark on this new project, you may realize that no one, in fact, is listening to your show.  And then you start getting those bills for your web and podcast hosting.  And then, 3-10 shows in, your podcast is dead, sitting dormant on iTunes for no one to discover it before your RSS dies from non-payment on your website.

But that's pretty bleak.  Maybe your show will catch on!  And, really, producing it is half the battle.  If you enjoy doing it, and it helps release your creative juices, who cares?

I've had a few other podcast ideas over the years, but the problem was that they all involved others.  Anyone who's tried to get something done for free in LA can tell you that you can't rely on anyone else, which is, for the most part, true.

My one idea (which I still kind of like) was a This American Life type show called The Cellophane Tapes (because cellophane is transparent, and the show would encourage honest storytelling. And they were on tape...well, digital tape, but cellophane tape is--. nevermind, you get it.)  I wanted to not only have a weekly guest who would engage in story-telling based conversation, but also have prerecorded essays people (both hand-selected by be or sent in from those illusive listeners I hear about) sent in.  Doing a show like this would take a lot of work, and while I can easily and cheaply purchase the domain (which I did for a year), I couldn't make the show come together.

So now I'm hoping to embark on another podcast journey.  I thought again about doing something by myself, but I don't know what I could talk about for an hour a week that would be interesting.  So I've enlisted the help of my roommate.  After all, she lives with me so eventually we'd be able to find the time to do it, right?

I still don't know what this show will be, but I know I have to give something a shot.  I'm going in knowing there will probably not be anyone listening, but, if I don't make it at all then literally no one will be.  

Success in LA comes not only from having talent and getting an opportunity, but being ready for those opportunities when they come or making your own.  So here we go.