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Making a website.

This isn't the first time I've attempted to make a website.  Although, the first time was on Geocities when I was probably in junior high.  It was for a band I was in that never wrote a song called SAIF, which stood for Stupidity at it's Finest (quite apt, actually).  That site had letters that followed your cursor, text that glittered and, presumably, a .midi sound file that autoplayed after it took a good five minutes to buffer.

While I've learned enough to get past that abortion of a site, I still have no talent in this field.  For example, I am attempting to add text to the page I have cleverly labeled "Videos" where I have posted videos.  I was hoping to add descriptions of what each video was, what hand I had in making it and why you might want to watch it.  Out of context, you'd probably wonder what a scene from Downfall with fake subtitles bitching about James Cameron has to do with an aspiring writer in Glendale.  But, alas, I am failing at making this fix.

I also can't figure out how to link my Twitter to the page.  This should be easy, and they have a big button that I'm supposedly just able to click, log in to Twitter, and approve the link.  This, however, isn't working.  So now you people will have to do that math of going to to see all my wit and narcissism.

Speaking of narcissism, I just created a website that is MY NAME .com   then added a blog to it, and then created a post about the trouble I had building said page.

I am the worst. 

Update: I cheated and added text over the video thumbnails. Crisis: averted-- this time.  

2nd Update: The Twitter issue has also been resolved. Huzzah.